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Invoice More Efficiently With a Legal Case Management Software

Invoice Right
The proper legal case management software for your practice of form will change lives, time will be saved, billing initiated and completed within seconds. To invoice or bill as efficiently as possible, consider the services offered by legal case management software. This software packs a punch, complete with e-invoicing abilities.
E-invoicing Saves Time and Paper
SmartAdvocate software is an example of law firm management software providing legal case management services. Called a legal management platform, SmartAdvocate is primarily focused on case management. In addition, users can manage contacts, communicate, exchange documents as well as calendaring and docketing services. This legal case management software powerhouse also tracks time, handy for busy legal professionals. For those looking into specialized services such as integrated accounting, billing, and invoice, this performs all of those functions as well. The platform allows users to invoice efficiently with mass email or communication via SMS message.

Another competitor available to law professionals
Legal Files is a legal case and matter management software company. Maximize invoicing and billing procedures with legal files software. This law firm case management software is highly functional, used across various industries:
• Legal departments, corporate and collegiate
• Law firms
• Public Sector agencies
• Legal Aid Organizations (US Department of Labor LongShore Case Management System)
• Insurance companies

The powerful software solution handles e-billing or e-invoicing. In addition to invoicing, tools for vendor management are provided. Law professionals can manage contacts, also generate customized reports accompanied by graphs. Legal Files has the capacity to seamlessly integrate with Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Invoicing on the fly with Essentia
Billing and invoicing is offered by Essentia, a mobile-ready platform offered by Anaqua. One of the main features of Anaqua is a highly-interchangeable workflow, provided by the signature modular system. In addition to the highly-configurable prowess of this legal software, features besides almighty billing & invoicing are offered. Essential offers overall case/document management, calendaring, docketing, time tracking. If providing legal service aid, at the legal services corporation (aka America’s partner for equal justice), for example, this type of software can be used.
Serving criminal and government legal markets

LegalEdge is a welcoming type of program when it comes to law firm case management software, the slogan makes it an equal to all type of product, for criminal, government, or any law practice. This is an app wannabe, a specialized interface designed to allow users to access LegalEdge on the go. Users can check browsers on any mobile device, update information, get directions or even make phone calls to hear the latest on research management and citation tools at Harvard. This is a company with a long tradition of case management solutions, serving satisfied individuals for over twenty-five years.

Offering the latest in e-invoicing and e-billing

For the latest in invoicing techniques, consider Jarvis Legal Software. This is a “legal practice management system.” Suitable for smaller size law firms and individual professionals, features include case management, client management, document management, document reporting, automatic time tracking. This is a web-based application, mobile users would be better working off of computer devices. Offline mode is available though, the ability to synchronize data after connection could prove valuable. Jarvis Legal provides an interactive user interface similar in concept to Google Docs, in that updates to documents are saved and published in real-time, as well as collaborative document powers. Users of Jarvis Legal can invoice and exchange documents. A litigation attorney that tried the software was not too impressed with the migrating ability of the software, swearing “I have been migrating 20 years worth of data, has been an absolute disaster.

Update your invoice game with a reputable industry elder

Prevail Case Management Software can provide the latest in billing and invoicing digital services. Prevail has been around for awhile, logging in 21 years of experience. Prevail is created and offered by Practice Technology, Inc. The cost of ownership is low, and the return on investment high, rapidly becoming an industry leader. This is the market heavyweight, one of the most popular legal case management solutions. For legal firms of all sizes and shapes, this is a totally comprehensive database that includes many segments:

• Personal Injury
• Immigration
• Corporate Law
• Estate Planning

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