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4 Tips on Using Social Media for a Firm

4 Social Media Hacks for Law Firms
Today, the market is becoming social and growing more knowledgeable. By this, I mean clients are now sharing information online with lightning speed. They join these sites to stay connected and even share their experiences and recommendations with their social networks. Meaning, like law firms, we should be there to engage with them. Engaging means answer and asking questions, posting what they want, yes what they want. Remember it is not about you anymore, clients control the market and they know what they want. Especially those law firms selling service-based products such as LAW CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, you should be there to answer questions and to share your information.
If your firm is still ignoring social media, you are missing ripe opportunities to meet potential clients where they are. To ensure your social effectiveness, use these ideas;

Understand who your potential customers are
Know what they do, what they like, what they are talking about and the exact words they are using. Once you understand these, go where they are, for instance, LAW FIRM CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE clients are using forums and software technology companies, join them, if they are on LinkedIn, meet them there and add value, answer their questions. Using your potential clients’ language will portray you as the one person who understands them. There’s nothing better than being understood.

Define your objectives.
You can use social media for almost anything, and that’s there’s so much noise. To be different, offer clarity. What do you want to gain from social media? More engagement? More exposure? Or more clients? The defined goal makes everything else easy. For instance, selling LAW CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE on social media.
Join social conversations and comment on current events.
Social media arena is dynamic, and they love currents events be it business news, top politics stories. As a law firm, are there topics outside your scope that are relevant to your business? If so, join the talk about them and contribute. Break the monotony. New York Law Department can join career conversations; New York City challenges among others. Join innovation Hashtags on twitter for a chance to slip in uses of your LAW FIRM CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE. Share more information on its benefits such as windows or Mac Productivity compatibility. Do you get the point? Be social.
Be focused on your area of specialization.

Don’t be lost making noise to the extent of losing your focus. If you are a corporate law firm, post news, articles, photos and fun moments concerning your specialty. Don’t be seen suddenly posting about family law unless you can define where the two coincide. With law schools, they can provide more information on SCHOOL OF LAW ONLINE RESOURCES, focus on the importance of having mobile resources. Ensure that you post consistently by keeping the editor calendar. Use social tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout to schedule your post to be published at the time when your followers are online. Share behind the scene information of your business. Build credibility by encouraging reviews based on your services quality, LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE testimonials and real user case studies.

Use and Study your social analytics.

In social media, what can be measured, can be scaled easily. Use tools such as,

 Google analytics
 Hootsuite
 Buffer
 Sprout
 Klout

Knowing where you are based on where you’ve come from, will assist you to know what’s working and what is not. Now, do more of what’s working and less of the other. If your analytics indicate that your LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE sales have a fluctuating trend, dig into the possible reasons, why does it rise and what causes it to fall. Tracking also gives you such insights as to what type of your posts received more engagement, what time your fans are online and even their demographics (gender, location, and age). With such metrics, you can customize your content to fit their needs and the best time to reach them. After all, you want your content to be seen.

Don’t be scared by the scope of social media, for large organizations such as New York City Law Department, the only way to win in this noisy area is to know what you are doing and who you are talking to. Use it to build your brand’s image and to develop a loyal community. Curate content that adds value and customized to suit this community. Don’t forget consistency is the key, or you risk being wiped out. A while promoting your products such as LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, be sure to highlight its benefits, not characteristics.

You won’t be able to achieve a lot with social media if you don’t know who your potential client. Remember to take advantage of your tracking analytics; it helps you by highlighting what you are doing right, areas that need improvement and who you are dealing with.

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